Past Productions

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  • 2018 One Act Plays [Program]
    • Little Box of Oblivion (Directed by Susan Rundle)
    • Albert (Directed by George Benca)
    • Smitten (Directed by Alastair Rice)
    • Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread (Directed by Caroline Shaw)
  • Doubt (Directed by Susan Rundle) [Program]
  • Vere (Directed by Ian Tweedale)
  • Festivillain (Directed by David Tynan, Written by Keryn Wood)









  • Whatever’s in the Wardrobe Follies (Directed by Alan Cornell & David Tynan)
  • 3 One Act Plays
    • The Other Woman (Directed by Keryn Wood)
    • Mental (Directed by Adrian Rice)
    • Red Hot in Amsterdam (Directed by Phyl Swindley)
  • Pig Iron People (Directed by Caroline Shaw)


  • Seven Deadly Follies (Directed by Adrian Rice & Lea Stringer)
  • 3 One Act Plays
    • St Francis talks to the Birds (Directed by David Tynan)
    • Borneo (Directed by Adrian Rice)
    • Murder Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage (Directed by Phyl Swindley)
  • Love Song (Directed by Helen Ellis)
  • Princess Gorgeous (Directed by Lea Stringer & Jan Nance)


  • An Inconvenient Follies (Directed by Howard Geldard & Darren Bowers)
  • 3 One Act Plays
    • Universal Language
    • Words, Words, Words
    • The Lesson
  • Memory of Water (Directed by Bill Connolly)


  • Forensic Follies (Directed by Adrian Rice)
  • 3 One Act Plays
    • Hidden Agenda (Written by John Marshall. Directed by Phyl Swindley)
    • Window (Written and directed by Caroline O’Meara)
    • Foreplay (Written by David Ives. Directed by Adrian Rice)
  • Lipstick Dreams (Directed by Bill Connolly)
  • Diamond Valley Singers presented a G&S Spectacular


  • Not the Commonwealth Games Follies (Directed by Adrian Rice)
  • One Act Plays
  • Honour


  • March: Hey Nonny Nonny Follies (Directed by Keryn Wood)
  • June: 4 One Act Plays
    • Travis (Written and directed by Josh Mitchell)
    • Avatar (Directed by Jan Nance)
    • Time Flies (Directed by Caroline Shaw)
    • Restorations (Written by John Marshall. Directed by Noelene Cooper)
  • September: There’s More to Life then Money & Sex (Directed by Lynne Counsel)
  • November: Accidental Death of an Anarchist (Directed by Matt Moran)


  • March: Follywood (Directed by Phyl Swindley)
  • June: 3 One Act Plays
    • Degas C’Est Moi (Directed by David Frazer)
    • Bubbles (Directed by Bill Mitchell)
    • Verve (Directed by Jan Nance)
  • July: Secret Bridesmaids’ Business (Directed by Phyl Swindley)
  • November: Panto - Clutterbuck Farm (Book by Keryn Wood. Music and Lyrics by Jack Stringer. Directed by Ken Virtue)


  • March: Jim’s Follies (Directed by Howard Geldard & Dougie)
  • July: Bouncers (Directed by Adrian Rice)
  • September: Life After George (Directed by Sue Dyring)


  • March: Jubilee Follies (Directed by Alan Cornell & Ken Virtue)
  • March: Repeat of Princess Gorgeous in Neverland Panto in Diamond Creek Park
  • June: Our own One Act Play Festival
  • August: Playback Theatre workshops (Directed by Sue Dyring)
  • September: Improvisation workshops (Directed by Jock McNeish)
  • October: The Real Inspector Hound (Directed by Adrian Rice)


  • March: 007 Follies (Directed by Adrian Rice)
  • June: Gulls (Directed by Cheryl Ballantine)
  • June: involvement in 150th Gold anniversary with a re-enactment of the discovery of gold
  • August: Waking Eve (Directed by Brian Laurence)


  • March: Follies of the World from the (Directed by Sue Dyring)
  • Playback Theatre workshops (Directed by Sue Dyring)
  • August: Habeas Corpus (Directed by Caroline Shaw)
  • September: Raise the Roof Fund Raiser
  • Winter acting workshops (Directed by Alan Cornell)
  • Nov/Dec: Panto – Princess Gorgeous in Neverland (Book by Keryn Wood. Music and Lyrics by Jack Stringer. Directed by Ken Virtue)


  • March: Sensitive New Age Follies (Directed by Alison Leutchford)
  • June: Walk in My Shoes, Hear My Story- involvement of group in a project run by Sue Dyring with outside funding
  • June: Black Comedy (Directed by Adrian Rice)
  • November: Just the Ticket (Directed by David Howel)


  • March: Republican Follies (Directed by Alison Leutchford & Keith Cook)
  • July: Cosi at the Pub & NE tour (Directed by Sue Dyring)
  • August: Competitive Tenderness (Directed by Brian Laurence)
  • October: involvement in the Christie/Luke Memorial Fund Concert at W High School


  • March: Follies The Perils of Pauline (Directed by Ken Virtue)
  • June: Visiting Hour (Directed by Phyl Swindley)
  • July: Fund raiser Follies at the Pub
  • November: Panto – Mr Muddle and the Magic Rabbit


  • Bowl ’em Over Follies (written by Carole Cole, directed by Phyl Swindley)
  • July: Double Double (Directed by Brian Laurence)
  • Cosi at the Pub (Directed by Sue Dyring)
  • Cosi at Waverley Festival & NE Vic tour
  • December Panto: Little Red Riding Hood (Directed by Lynne Bartlett)


  • The Best of the Follies (Directed by Yvonne Morey)
  • July: Cosi (Directed by Sue Dyring)
  • Panto: Surprising Old King Cole (Directed by Lynne Bartlett)


  • Open Season instead of the Follies – a musical written by Alan Cornell, Mark Leehy and Kevin O’mara
  • June: Hotel Sorrento (Directed by Kylie Moppert)
  • September: Pack of Lies (Directed by Paddy)
  • October: Jigsaws at the Waverly
  • Festival (won several awards)


  • March: The Follies we had to have (Directed by David Crockett & Gail Macrae)
  • Life membership awarded to Leonie Horne
  • September: Noises Off (Directed by Brain Laurence)
  • November: Jigsaws (Directed by Paddy Childs Green)


  • March: Follies – West End Story (Directed by Sue Dyring)
  • Seven One Act Plays
  • October: Away


  • Olympic Follies [Program]
  • Merchant of Venice


  • Frightful Follies (Directed by Yvonne Morey)
  • My Son the Lawyer is Drowning (Roger K, Sue D, Donald Baigent, Helen Bennet, Doug McManus, Vicki Shaw) (Directed by Ken Virtue)
  • November: Guess who’s having an Affair (written by Carol Cole) (Directed by Doug McManus & Brian Laurence)


  • Follies (Directed by Ken & Alan)
  • June: Festival of One Act Plays
  • November: Crying for the Moon (written and directed by Helen Cahill)


  • March: Riverboat Follies (Directed by Anita Baragwaneth)
  • June: Marat Sade (Directed by David Mitchell)
  • Fortnightly Here and Now theatre with Helen Cahill as well as classes for junior and vocal selections at the Hall in Nove and various people to organise forthcoming ???????
  • November: Merle’s Final Move (play by Carol Cole)


  • April: Follies “Live” (Directed by Doug & Don Macrae)
  • June/July: Room to Move (Directed by Doug McManus)
  • December: Impromptu following Helen’s workshop (Directed by Helen Cahill)


  • April/May: Dimboola instead of Follies (Directed by David Mitchell)
  • August: Mothers and Fathers (Directed by Brian Laurence)
  • Nov/Dec: Heaven Help Us (Directed by Helen Cahill & Linda Mitchell)


  • March: The Follies of Warrandyte (Directed by Elaine Henderson & Gail Macrae)
  • April: Play Readings
  • July: No Room for Dreamers (Directed by Brain Laurence)
  • October: School for Scandal (Directed by Bob Karl)


  • March: Festival Folly ’84 (Directed by Paddy Childs-Green)
  • June: Travelling North (Margaret Volk, Elaine Henderson, Jenny H, Lee Scott-Virtue, Ken)
  • September: Lysistrata (Directed by Gill Heal)


  • March: Follies Warrandyte Graffiti (Directed by Bob Karl)
  • June: The Miser (Tim Sherwood, Gus,….) (Directed by Roger Kibell)
  • October: A Night in October (Directed by Carol Keating & Amanda Liddell)


  • Festival Follies (Directed by Phil Taylor)
  • Out of the Question (Gus McLaren, Yvonne Morey, Amanda Liddell, Elaine Bolton, Peter James, Joan Golding, Greg Bainbridge) (Directed by Paddy Childs-Green)
  • October: 2 One Act Plays
    • The Form
    • A Resounding Tinkle
  • December: Christmas Pageant joint with Music Group (Directed by David Crockett/Renee Maddocks)
  • A Night of Jazz and Poetry (Directed by Trevor Pilling & Richard Baines)


  • March: Festival Follies – inc. Delcie Griffiths on piano, a barbers shop quartet, a melodrama and Wonga Park Singers (Directed by Tim Sherwood)
  • August: Come Blow Your Horn (Roger Kibell, David Crockett, Martin Walker, Lee Scott-Virtue, Amanda Lidell, Joan Golding Tim Sherwood
  • Plus regular play readings


  • The Insect Comedy (Directed by Irving Reid)
  • As well as monthly rehearsed play readings


Drama group reformed after 40 people attended a public meeting following a letter box drop

  • Monthly play readings plus –
  • September: A Comedy of Errors (Jock Macneish, Peter James, Phil Taylor, Alan Lansdowne, Jo Laurence, Reta Clarke, Tim Sherwood, Irving Reid, Ray Norman, Joan Golding (Directed by Bob Karl)


  • April: Melodrama for the Warrandyte Festival Unhand me Squire
  • July: Warrandyte Story presented by WAA and W Hist Soc, with Brian’s photos and Mark Leehy’s music) inc Jock’s Envirodyte and a repeat of the melodrama


  • Rebirth
  • July: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (huge cast including musicians) (Directed by Judie Irving)


  • Heidelberg Rep presented Play it Again Sam


  • The Wizard of Warrandyte
  • April: Star Spangled Girl (with John Nieman, Mark Leehy & Sharry McKenzie)
  • Aug/Sept: Not Now Darling (with Tom Munro, Howard Geldard, Pat Reason, Bob Schroeder, Helen Davidson, Ron Golding, Sharry McKenzie, Molly Docker)
  • December: Mouldy Old Dough and The Wind in the Sassafras Trees used at the Christmas Party


  • Rooted
  • Little Murders


  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
  • From the Hollow Shield
  • Fetch me a Fig Leaf


  • You Can’t Take it With You
  • The Mostly Music Hall
  • The Importance of Being Earnest
  • Antigone


  • The Real Inspector Hound
  • The Killing of Sister George
  • The Form
  • The American Dream
  • Symphony in Illusion
  • Love in the Apehouse
  • Goodnight Mrs Puffin


  • The Beggars’ Opera
  • The Anniversary
  • Post Horn Gallop
  • Love Rides the Rails


  • Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  • Welcome Stranger
  • Don’t Utter a Note
  • A Penny for a Song


  • The Happiest Days of Your Life
  • The Burglar
  • Salad Days
  • Ghosts


  • The Whole Truth
  • The Stoops to Conquer
  • The Rape of the Belt
  • The Master of Two Servants


  • The Room
  • Richard III
  • Paracelsus
  • Murder in Review


  • The Pipeline
  • Shadow of Crabbe
  • Othello
  • Only an Orphan Girl


  • Twelfth Night
  • The Watchmaker
  • The Spell
  • The Pen of my Aunt
  • Catherine Parr
  • A Trap is a Small Place


  • The Vigil
  • The Queen (combined junior and senior Showpiece)
  • The Living Image
  • The Glass Menagerie
  • The Doubtful Misfortunes of Li Sing
  • Husbands Supplied
  • Bonaventure
  • A Month in the Country


  • Tiger at the Gates
  • The Godsent
  • My Three Angels
  • Minnie Field
  • Blithe Spirit


  • Two and a Half Sisters
  • The Pigeon with the Silver Foot
  • Possession
  • Night Must Fall
  • Mr. Tremlov is not Himself
  • Love and How to Cure It
  • A Murder has been Arranged


  • Trifles
  • The Man Who Came to Dinner
  • The Knave of Hearts
  • Showpiece
  • Laetitia
  • Hallo Out There
  • Fantasmagorica
  • Clerembard


  • Separate Tables
  • Master Dudley
  • Drive a Hard Bargain
  • Apple Pie Order
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream


  • The Ring of General Macias
  • The Laboratory
  • Lonesome Like
  • Lady Killer
  • Home is the Hunted
  • Followers


  • The Witness’ Brew
  • The Rose and Crown
  • The Feast of Christmas
  • The Book of the Month
  • Picnic
  • Before the Flood


  • The Happiest Days of Your Life
  • The Christmas Story
  • Deadlock